BMSI has worked closely with local governments and schools since 1982. Our customers wanted a more straightforward way to integrate people and processes with technology. From our fund accounting software to utility management solutions, we focus on helping you conquer unnecessary complications. Our software enables you to deliver superior services with unsurpassed efficiency.



Local government leaders need efficiency and transparency without creating more complicated processes. Choose management software solutions that help you conserve resources and time while ensuring the effective oversight of every department.


Manage your school’s budgets, finances, assets and simplify your workload. Generate reports that inspire confidence in the way you run your operation.


Reduce the stress and frustration of your operation by eliminating inefficiencies. Integrate your work order management, billing and financial software systems into a simple to manage solution.

We designed a full-featured software solution that reduces the complexities of local government by:

  • Making it easier to comply with federal and state auditing requirements with more robust fund accounting software with audit trails.
  • Facilitating better finance, asset, and personnel management by instantly producing easy to read batched reports.
  • Reducing administrative workloads by providing clients access to their permit account processes.

BMSI automates workflows and operations

Simple. Powerful. Affordable

Simple To Use: The intuitive user interface requires little instruction. Menu-driven modules guides you seamlessly through a controlled data entry process that ensures consistency with rule-enforced updating.

Powerful: Your gateway to powerful and integrated software is accessible from any local or remote workstation. It handles all of your governmental functions. Your staff enters through one easy-to-use portal, and they have all the processing power needed to get their work done.

Affordable: The beauty of SaaS (software as a service) is that it is scalable with predictable costs. Start budgeting your IT as a recurring expense with built-in support and maintenance. Free your IT staff to concentrate on keeping your network tweaked and operating efficiently.

Everything You Need In One Portal

What Our Customers Are Saying


The BMSI team made it easy to learn the software plateform and were patient through process of data transfer and onboarding.


Town of Errol


Overall, I have had a good relation with BMSI and anticipate that this will continue. It is easy to use and great customer service. It also meets the needs for reporting the financials of the size of the Municipality and the Board of Education.

Beverly C.

Finance Director


I work with the payroll, accounts payable, and fund accounting. The programs are easy to work with, I am not the most knowledgeable person on computers, but I have been using these programs for the last 15 years. When issues or errors happen, the support help I have received has been great. They take the time to go into the program with you and help resolve the issue along with explaining to you what was done.

Amy B.

Financial Supervisor / HR

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