When you look at your BMSI software screen, you’ll notice an abundance of data, some of which you need to remember even when you aren’t looking at it. Fortunately, you don’t have to continually pull up the same report. Instead, you can use a free online capture tool, like TNT Screen Capture, to capture and save everything on your screen. Whether you need the data you see on your screen for a budget meeting or you just need to remember the details while you navigate to another screen, TNT Screen Capture can help you—and those aren’t the only tasks that TNT Screen Capture can complete for you.

Create Outstanding Presentations

Including a screen shot in your presentations not only makes your presentation look more professional and well thought out, but it helps your audience follow along by giving them something visual to look at while they follow along. TNT Screen Capture can capture any screen within your BMSI software with a few clicks. Once you have a screen shot captured, you can edit the image and use it in presentations.

Get Tech Issues Solved Quickly

Because BMSI’s software is web-based, all of your technical issues are solved by off-site information technologies (IT) people. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to resolve computer issues quickly without being able to see what’s happening on the computer screen. Free capture programs, like TNT Screen Capture, can capture what is currently displayed on your computer screen. Then, you can send the screenshot to the tech employee that you’re working with so he or she can see exactly what is happening on your screen. With all of the information in front of them, the IT tech will be able to resolve any issues that you’re having in no time.

Edit the Images You Capture

TNT Screen Capture gives you the ability to edit any images that you capture. When you click the capture button, the software detects the corners of the images on your screen. This means you can opt to capture your entire screen, or only one section. This option is handy when you’re using your BMSI software to create a presentation for an important meeting, but there’s information on your screen that you don’t want to share. In addition to selecting the portion of your BMSI software that you want to capture, TNT Screen Capture has a variety of editing options, including:

  • Add arrows to your image to highlight important areas of the image
  • Add text to your images to relay important information
  • Add a shadow behind the image for a realistic effect

Your BMSI software has a lot of benefits, but when you use the software in conjunction with TNT Screen Capture it gives you even more options. Whether you’re preparing for a budget meeting or you’re having technical difficulties, TNT Screen Capture will come in handy. Fortunately, you can download the software for free and start using it with your BMSI software today.