Permitting, Inspection, Code Enforcement software is your answer to tracking parcel information by any department and function such as permits, violations, inspections, licenses, etc. No need to buy expensive separate modules, BMSI’s Municipal Geographic Management System (MGMS™) does it all. MGMS™ is the central repository for all information on parcels.

1.      Save time and trouble when taking complaints

  • GIS link allows easy lookup of violating properties without complainant knowing addresses or names of violators
  • Inspections are easily scheduled within the system

2.      Efficiently process applications, complaints, etc

  • Filling in applications on screen allows computer to print out completed permits and certificates
  • Documents (applications, complaints etc.) can be recalled at any time for easy updating/editing
  • Completed documents can be printed out directly from screen in any quantities
  • Pocket PC module (optional) allows forms to be completed on site while inspectors in field

3.      Quickly and easily prepare notices related to variances and re-zoning

  • GIS module develops lists of abutting or nearby properties at variable Lists can mail merge to prepare mailings to affected properties

4.      Easily document violations

  • Photographs can be saved with each inspection
  • Detailed notes can be included for each inspection
  • Previous inspections can be recalled for easy review
  • Internal tracking system allows easy identification of who performed each inspection and when information is added to the system

5.      Streamline scheduling

  • Reports can show all inspections scheduled for a specific date or set of dates
  • Reports can show who is scheduled to perform specific tasks

6.      Generate reports with hearings and reviews data and notices

  • Reports can show all hearings and other reviews by Board of Appeals or Planning Board scheduled for specified dates
  • Reports can identify all hearings requiring published notices

7.      Protect against errors and omissions for Board members and Employees

  • By helping to ensure that all needed information is available at all times
  • By showing all variances, rezoning, deed restrictions and other limiting factors

8.      Simplify Planning, Zoning and Permitting

  • All information about previous activity on a property or by property-owner is immediately available
  • Deed Restrictions and Easements are easily tracked and accessed

9.      Generate departmental reports for governing Boards

  • Reports of permits issued, complaints made, construction costs, fees collected, inspections completed, certificates issued and many others are detailed and available within moments

10.  Easy access to information and reporting for insurance purposes

  • Reports can show what inspections have been accomplished and when

11.  Simplified reporting to meet Federal government requirements

  • A report is designed specifically to provide all of the information required on the C-404 Census Report

12.  Track fees in municipal accounting system

  • For communities that use the BMSI accounting software, fee collection can be associated directly with appropriate accounts
  • Many reports are available to provide accurate detail and totals of fees collected