Financial Accounting Software

Financial System


Fund Accounting

Take control of your government and school finances with affordable fund accounting software. Get peace of mind knowing you’re  in compliance with all accounting  standards while enjoying incredible ease of use.

General Ledger

Provide your management team with financial data to make better-informed decisions using government softwareObtain clear insights into your financials to save you time and keep your team informed.  


Analyze your organization’s financial performance to track, maintain and plan for better budgets. The best financial software allows you to create budgeting projections and review historic accounting data to make better decisions. Be outstanding with these helpful budgeting tools and features. 


Streamline your period-end closing process with the best accounting software. Automatically allocate or redistribute organization expense balances to one or more accounts to save time and effort. 

Efficiently handle banking transactions, including the deposit of cash receipts, check writing and bank statement reconciliation for interest, service charges and other transactions.  

Accounts Payable ​

Effectively manage vendor accounts and control costs with accounts payable automation software. No matter the size of your municipality, get control of paying your bills and vendors.  

Assign default expense account, tax and 1099 information for an unlimited number of vendors. Setup vendor accounts with unlimited purchase from and remit to addresses, contacts, and memos. Easily allocate expenses among departments or locations using timesaving preset distribution templates. 

Generate vendor bills from inventory item receipts, purchase orders or recurring voucher templates and enjoy time savings from tedious data entry.

Purchasing and Requisitions

Some municipalities have complicated purchasing and approval processes. These processes and approvals can slow things down or even cause oversights without the right tools to manage the process. 

Financial requisition features allow you to enter and process material purchase requests for your organization. Much like the purchasing features, you can assign an approval hierarchy and assign requisition approvers to users. Requisition approvers can easily review all outstanding requisitions in their approval queue within government accounting software.   

Grants, Job Costing, & Time Entry

Tracking time against projects for internal budgeting or charging customers is an essential element of financial software systems for municipalities. Get insights into your grants and job costing processes. 

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Manage your citizens’ accounts and provide a streamlined process to meet your miscellaneous invoicing and collection requirements with accounts receivable software. Improve your invoicing and accounts receivable processes. 

Inventory & Multi-site Inventory

Efficiently manage inventory, even with multiple sites. Enjoy convenient tools and features designed specifically for municipalities and their unique needs. Single-site inventory tools include the following features. 

Fixed Asset Depreciation

Maintain your organization’s assets and understand how their depreciation affects your municipality’s finances. Manage the lifetime of your asset and budget for maintenance and replacement as needed. 

Role-based Security

Keeping constituent and financial information safe is a top priority for your organization. Do it well with role-based security. Require two-factor authentication and use role-based security to ensure no employees have access to view things that are not essential to their job functions. Using advanced security measures beyond the application or task level will further secure your data and restrict access to it. 

Compliant Reporting​

Get software that is loaded with reports proven to provide administrators and selectmen alike with the information necessary to make informed decisions. Drill down reporting lets you get right to the heart of questionable items. With report consolidation you will be able to include data from one or more organizations for a given report at runtime. If you are looking for more out of your reports take advantage of the built-in report writer a full-featured WYSIWYG report layout tool for creating and modifying reports. 

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