BMSI’s Work Order & Fixed Asset Software

Work Order

Navigate easily through documents, maps and more with an intuitive system.

  • Service requests to investigate maintenance needs when necessary (optional step)
  • Send work orders by email or print copies
  • Track Employee time, Parts, Contractor time and/or costs, Inspections, and Equipment time and costs
  • Locate assets with an available map
  • Calculate costs of jobs/work orders
  • Notify all necessary contacts when a job is complete
  • Send internal or external invoice (optional)
  • Track Receivables
  • Results are available in asset history


Fixed Asset System

This easy-to-use fixed asset system gives you the capability of managing your fixed or capital assets to be in compliance with GASB 34.



Distinctive functions:

Depreciation – Choose your depreciation method and calculate depreciation at the click of a mouse
GASB 34 Compliant
Automate your Fixed Asset Process
Track your Fixed Assets for inventory control
Know the current value of your assets
Provides detailed accounting information
Assets may be looked up by a variety of criteria
Comprehensive set of reports with user definitions

The Fixed Assets Module Integrates Fully with BMSI’s Financial System