Do you truly believe that your team’s production is at its best? The majority of facility managers believe that their team does a good job—even if they have one or two problem employees. But, think about it. Do you really know how well your team performs out in the field? With the majority of your time tied up in meetings and office tasks, it’s nearly impossible for you to know if everyone on your team uses their time wisely. But, there are a few things that you can do ti motivate your team, track their productivity, and even free up some of your time so that you can spend some time in the field.

Adjusting Work Hours

The fact is, your team members are on the move the majority of the day; it’s easy for them to get burnt out. Because of this, it could be beneficial for your organization to have teams of technicians that work four ten-hour days. This gives your employees an extra day to relax so that they don’t feel overworked.

Employee Ownership

Rather than assigning random work orders and jobs to employee, consider dividing your team into groups and giving each group “ownership” of specific assets or areas. By putting employees in charge of specific types of work or assets within a certain area, it’s easier for them to determine what upcoming work needs completed.

Employee Appreciation

According to an article posted on RecognizeThis!, over thirty-five percent of employees consider lack of recognition the biggest hindrance to their productivity. Your organization may not have the funds to provide employees with monetary incentives or throw large gatherings to boost employee morale, but there are several ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work including:

  • Posting daily or weekly production statistics in the employee work area
  • Employee-of-the-year awards
  • Hang a photo in the work area of the employee with the highest productivity each month
  • Occasional thank-you notes for a job well done
  • Recognize top performers in your staff meetings

Tracking Your Team Production

It’s time to give CMMS systems a second chance. According to Walt Petters, Director of Maintenance and Plant Operations for Brevard County Public Schools in Rockledge, Florida, CMMS software was web-based it wasn’t the best tool to track productivity. But, web-based facility management programs, like BMSI’s webDPW, gather pertinent information in one place so that everything you need is just a mouse click away. CMMS streamlines your entire day-to-day workflow, which helps you free up some of your time. You can use this extra time to give an extra boost to your team’s morale. Visiting techs in the field or going on short jobs with them shows them that you care about them and that you understand exactly what their job entails.

By implementing small changes that boost employee morale, give employees more responsibility, and give employees more flexible schedules it won’t take long for your organization’s productivity to increase. And, by using CMMS software to track your team’s progress, manage work orders, and monitor your assets, your entire department will run smoothly.