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Municipal Geographic Management System is a planning, permitting, and licensing solution that provides improved productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness to your citizens

MGMS helps municipalities:

Simplify your process with one-time data entry.

Quickly schedule building, permit, fire or complaint inspections.

Assign tasks and workflows to the appropriate department.

Get alerts for critical warnings and restrictions

Run Your Departments Smoothly with MGMS

Allow your property owners to apply for permits online. Your team will receive these requests in real-time so you can review them and send them off for inspection. Permitting processes that used to take your team weeks only require a few button clicks.

Many departments within your municipality will find the permitting and code enforcement solution helpful, including community development, building, planning & zoning, code enforcement, engineering and more.

We eliminate the need for separate modules or software for different departments by focusing on the parcel rather than the department. This gives you the ability to look at any pending applications, restrictions, conditions or violations.

Online Permitting Software

Allow your citizens and contractors to apply or look for permits by parcel online. Plus, they can pay for the permit right there as part of the application process to make things simple

MGMS online permitting software provides these great benefits:

Citizens can look up a permit or parcel

Your team can offer instant permit approval for simple permits, such as garage sales

For more complex permits, you can set up workflows for department approval and requests for additional information

Customize form fields based on permit type so you get the information you need without reaching out to the requester

Software tools make it easy to look up or print permit requests and run comprehensive permitting reports

The great part about this online permitting software is that it allows you to accept permits both online and on paper. Offer your citizens the option to submit permits how they feel most comfortable. You can then enter the paper forms into the system and still use your pre-built workflows for easy permit management

Integration with GIS

Bring the power of your geographic information system (GIS) to MGMS. The software integrates with many GIS services to provide enhanced detail to your permit requests.

Integrating MGMS with GIS provides added detail and benefits to your permit requests:

  • Select unlimited layers.
  • Both the permit requestor and your review team can update the layers easily.
  • Allow your citizens to view parcels within a selected distance of a boundary.

Attach Documents to Permits

Use photos, documents, drawings and other electronic items to provide added detail to permits or parcels. Allow your citizens to include documents and your team to respond back with additional information to make communication clear

Managing documents for permits and parcels is simple using MGMS. Here’s a look at the ways you can use this tool within your municipality

Attach board minutes to a parcel for future reference

Upload photos to a violation

Insert a sub-division plan

Retrieve images/documents easily as well as a quick print feature

Mobilize Your Inspectors

Inspectors can enter results in the field app, print off an inspection notice and then synchronize the inspection once they are back at the office

Allowing your inspectors to work from the field using a mobile device can help eliminate duplication and increase your team’s efficiency. Here’s a look at the tools available in the inspectors’ road module.

Download inspections and appointments to a laptop or tablet to take on the road

Throughout the day inspectors can input their inspection results and record critical information

At the end of the day, the inspectors can sync their data to avoid having to enter the information twice

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