Municipal Geographic Management System, A planning, permitting, and licensing solution – MGMS –  is designed to streamline and automate many of the complex processes and workflows  used by departments for  community development, building, planning & zoning, code enforcement, engineering and more.


mgmsSimplify the Permitting and Code Enforcement process with one time data entry. Quickly schedule building, permit, fire, or complaint inspections. Improve productivity, efficiency and responsiveness to citizens.

From application submission, to review, to permitting, and on to inspection, MGMS provides the tools to make it faster, clearer, and easier to get things done! MGMS puts YOU in control of maintaining critical parcel information.



Features and Modules

You define the information you want to track. MGMS updates owner information from the assessor, tax or GIS file.

  • Maintain user defined critical information with warning flags
  • Setup lists of desirable information such as historic districts, sewer information, restrictions, wetlands/shoreland information, etc.
  • Lookup parcels or applications with the advanced search technology

User-defined data fields gives you the ability to capture the data you want for each application or permit that you have in the system.

Users have the Control to Create Their Own User Defined Dialog Boxes

  • User defines which fields are shown
  • User defines which fields are requirement before saving a new application
  • User defines the order that the fields are displayed
  • Large number of fields are available for the user
After the setup users have a host of handy tools to make lookup, printing and reporting easy yet comprehensive.  

*  Advanced Search Filters to Lookup by permit, applicant, owner, address, parcel, project, etc.

*  Print Permits and Placards with ease

*  Generate Reports by a number of selection criteria


Find What You Need Quickly with the Advanced Search Tools in MGMS

Searches can be made on three (3) Main Categories:

  • Parcels with lookup by parcel ID, Owner, Location, etc.
  • Permits with lookup by applicant, project, permit type, permit number, etc.
  • Projects with lookup by applicant, project number, project name, etc.

Once you find the item you are searching for, just click on the item and you will be taken to the appropriate dialog box for editing.

GIS quick look-up of parcels, abuttors, photo overlay and other user defined overlays.

Bring the Power of Your GIS to MGMS. Easy access to the municipality’s GIS capabilities

Create a list of abuttors to notify in only 2 mouse clicks!

  • Unlimited layers that are user selected
  • Easy updating of layers
  • View parcels within a selected distance of a boundary

Allow your citizens to lookup both approved and applied for permits. Permits can also be entered via the web. The web approval process is defined by the municipality.

Give Your Customers the Ability to Enter and Pay for Permits Online

  • lookup parcels and permits
  • Instant permit approval for simple permits such as garage sale permits
  • Complex permits can be setup for department approval and requests for additional information
  • allow Citizens to lookup permits issued and pending by parcel 

Get the best of both worlds
Permits submitted by traditional means, such as paper applications, is always an option with MGMS.  However, permits can be submitted via the web from the comfort of your applicants home. The user determines which permits can be automatically approved, and which are held for analysis by the municipality.

Allow citizens, contractors, real estate agents and attorneys to lookup permits and violations by parcel.

You determine who has access and if there is a cost to access or not.

Permit lookup is particularly interesting to many towns for the following reasons:

  1. Allow only paid subscribers to lookup parcel/permit information, such as real estate agents and attorneys.
    • The town can charge a fee for this service, the town can actually help pay for the entire permitting/code enforcement program with the fees charged
    • Any fees belong to the town and are set by the town
    • Many real estate agents and attorneys find this a great service because they can lookup permits and violations from their office or home.
  2. Another option is to allow open access to all citizens with or without a password.

Attach photos, documents, drawings and other electronic items to a parcel or a permit.

Add unlimited photos, scans, drawings and documents to the Parcel or the Permit

  • Attach board minutes to a parcel for future reference
  • Clip a photograph to a violation
  • Insert a sub-division plan
  • Easy retrieval of images/documents as well as a quick printing feature

Upload and download inspections to do in the field. Enter once and then synchronize the inspection results when you get back to the office.
Eliminate Duplication and Increase Efficiency

  • Download inspections and appointments to a laptop or netbook to take on the road
  • During the day inspectors can input their inspection results and record critical information
  • At the end of the day the inspectors can synchronize their inspection results to MGMS

Make keeping your date book a breeze with an optional Outlook calendar module.  Save and organize your time in the field.

Any department can setup their applications and information without the need for new modules.

Any department in the municipality can enter an application/permit for a parcel. The only limitations are the access security rights that have been granted the user.

We eliminate the need for separate modules for different departments by focusing on the parcel rather than the department. This gives every user the ability to look at any restrictions, conditions or violations on the parcel.

  • With the proper access authority, each department can:
    • Enter applications, permits, violations, inspections and any other form used by the municipality
    • Enter restrictions, conditions or other important information
    • Enter fees
    • Generate letters

MGMS Images Slide

BMSI Allows you to setup warnings and restrictions for both parcels and applications.

MGMS allows you to monitor restrictions and warnings

  • Create a restriction for a parcel
  • Show warnings for parcels or tasks
  • Restrictions can carry over from the parcel data and are automatically entered in the application dialog box