Tax Billing

Billing personal and real property tax is a crucial aspect of operating your municipality. Yet, it certainly is no small job or easy. You have to manage valuations, enable payment options, and track the process from start to finish.

This process is made easier with tax management software that automates the municipal tax billing process from preparing bills to accepting payments and placing liens. Review the comprehensive capabilities our municipal software offers.

Comprehensive Tax Billing Features

Tax Management Software & Utility Management Solutions

Utility Management Solutions

Utility tracking and billing is complicated. Some services are metered, like water and electric. Others are not metered, like trash and recycling. And even once you’ve found a solution for measuring metered and non-metered utilities, you need a fully integrated utility billing software and accounting data with built-in automation and reporting.

BMSI’s Utility Management Solutions is a fully customizable cloud-based software that manages to collect usage data, billing customers and maintaining historical data. The utility management system can adapt to meet your municipality’s unique needs while delighting constituents with clear bills, easy payment options and usage data. 

Easy Consumption Data Input

Use touch, phone or radio-read devices to input consumption data. 

Customize Rate Tables and Billing

Bill each utility based on constituent agreements and custom rate tables.

Access the Software from Anywhere

Our utility billing software for municipalities is cloud-based and allows for remote access from anywhere, anytime.

Integration with Billing and Tax Software  

Manage the billing using constituent information that integrates with the tax software. 

Billing Features

Fund Accounting Manager
Utility Billing

Usage Monitoring Features

Customer Tools and Features

Paying Your Utility Bill Online
Accounting Reports

Government Software with Built-in Reports

Reports help you track down missed payments, understand utility usage and more. We’ve built in many helpful reports to put crucial data at your fingertips and automate processes. Report areas include consumption, usage history, accounts receivable, transactions, balances and much more.

What Our Customers Are Saying


The BMSI team made it easy to learn the software plateform and were patient through process of data transfer and onboarding.


Town of Errol


Overall, I have had a good relation with BMSI and anticipate that this will continue. It is easy to use and great customer service. It also meets the needs for reporting the financials of the size of the Municipality and the Board of Education.

Beverly C.

Finance Director


I work with the payroll, accounts payable, and fund accounting. The programs are easy to work with, I am not the most knowledgeable person on computers, but I have been using these programs for the last 15 years. When issues or errors happen, the support help I have received has been great. They take the time to go into the program with you and help resolve the issue along with explaining to you what was done.

Amy B.

Financial Supervisor / HR

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