Tax Management Solutions

Tax Billing

Billing personal and real property tax is a crucial aspect of operating your municipality. Yet, it certainly is no small job or easy. You have to manage valuations, enable payment options, and track the process from start to finish.

This process is made easier with tax management software that automates the municipal tax billing process from preparing bills to accepting payments and placing liens. Review the comprehensive capabilities our municipal software offers.

Comprehensive Tax Billing Features

Simplified State Reporting

Take the complexity out of State reporting. Using our preset reports get all the information you need to maintain compliance and make your process simpler. With our custom report writer, you can craft any report that meets your specific requirements. Here’s a look at some of the simple ways we make reporting easier.

Fast Warrant and Bill Generation

Generate warrants and bills with unlimited billing codes and rates, including full support for multiple precincts and tax authorities. With all your data in one place, it’s easy to create warrants and bills quickly and the friendly user interface makes it simple for your team.

Integrated Experience from Anywhere

Since we offer a cloud-based fully integrated government software suite, the tax management solution can populate data to and from other departments, including assessing and accounting. Access pertinent information for your constituents from anywhere you have access to the internet. Enhance the service you provide and increase your staff’s efficiency at providing results.

Property Tax Management Tools

Managing property taxes requires integration with mortgage companies. Import and export data to provide a seamless experience for property owners. The more data available to your municipality, the easier it is to create efficient and accurate billing.

Manage an unlimited number of names and addresses per parcel with full support for percentage billing or issuing billing notifications. Flag names and addresses with active dates and periods.

And when customers don’t pay their taxes on time, the software offers full Liening, deeding, delinquency, and tax sale processes.