Looking for a Utility Management System?  Look no further!  BMSI’s Utility Management System is the best.

This software module is designed to manage, track and bill water, electrical, and sewer usage, garbage pick-up, and cable services, etc. The system helps utility providers maintain customer statistics, current and historical service(s) use, payment records, billing practices, calculation methods, and much more. System features are customizable in accordance with services offered.

Touch, phone and radio read devices can be used to input consumption data. Users can originate a combination of invoices, for individuals or groups, incorporating EDU’s fixture charges, assessments, usage and/or flat rates, multiple billing periods, cycles, estimated or budget formulations, and user-defined rate tables.
Preview and print individual or group statements using custom or system provided forms. Quickly access historical data from service and payment screens, printing statements from the same source. Review consumption, usage history, accounts receivable, transactions, balances and much more with the extensive reporting and on screen capabilities supplied with this module.

Distinctive functions:

  • Monitor and control abnormal usage
  • Add/deduct meters, meter change and turnover activity
  • Simplified collection and receivables processing
  • Customer complaint tracking
  • Scan and print bar codes
  • Work order system
  • Cross connect (back flow)
  • This module functions independently or in conjunction with BMSI’s Fund Accounting System.

Sampling of standard forms and reports available:

  • Pre-billing report
  • Generalized user-created notifications/forms/mailing labels
  • Customized or standard bill forms and statements
  • Delinquency list and form letters
  • Aged Accounts Receivables
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Balance Report
  • Customer Listing
  • Rate Table Listing